Wednesday, November 02, 2005

COMMUTE: October Wrap Up

A review of my Philly-NYC commuting patterns in October:

Morning trains taken: 130, 642
Evening trains taken: 137, 177, 655, 639

I took a total of 28 one way trips on Amtrak In October. I had an October monthly pass ($633), so this made each trip $22.61.

Number of times train departed 10+ minutes late (either leaving from 30th Street Station or from Penn Station): 7, but six since October 24.

Number of times train arrived 10+ minutes late (either arriving into Penn Station or to 30th Street Station): 12.

Amtrak departed/arrived 10+ minutes from their scheduled time in 19 cases. Out of my 56 total depart/arrive markers, this is just over 33%.

The more concerning one is the number of cases where a train departed under 10+ minutes but arrived 10+ minutes late. Not clear why this happens. Generally as long as trains depart within 10 minutes of their scheduled time, I'm fairly happy.

On time performance was terrible the last few days in October for some reason.

Average travel time in the mornings: Generally the morning trains take around 1 hour and 20 minutes, but some did make it in under 1 hour 15 minutes. They may leave 10+ minutes late but once rolling the travel time seems fairly consistent. There were one or two cases where it took 1 hr 30 min+, but a couple times a month I can deal with.

Average travel time in the evenings: Evening trains seem to take a little over 1 hour and 30 minutes. I do take trains that stop variously at Liberty, Metropark, Cornwells Heights, and North Philly - more stops when compared to the morning trains, which means longer travel times.


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