Friday, November 11, 2005

COMMUTE: Thu Nov 10, 2005; #642 and #635

My commute for Thursday November 10, 2005.

Morning leg - took Amtrak Train #642 (PHL-NYC):
  • PHL 9:24, +40
  • TRE 10:01, +41
  • NWK 10:40, +58
  • NYC 11:01, +61
Checked train status on before I left and site noted it was only 1 minute late. The board at 30th Street Station said on time when I got there. It was adjusted to 5 min late, then 10, then 15 minutes late, then 20. Not sure if it was adjusted after the 20 min late notice. But they adjust the departure time after the train is already that much late. It's like we know it's 20 minutes late because it's 9:05 and the train was supposed to leave at 8:44. Again this train has been running late the past two plus weeks now. Had an empty seat next to me, this train a much less than half as a lot of folks bolted for the 9:21 regional train. Used AGR ticket.

Evening leg - took Amtrak Train #635 (NYC-PHL):
  • NYC 11:00, 0
  • NWK 11:12, -5
  • TRE 11:55, -1
  • PHL 12:21 AM, -4
Had empty seat next to me on this leg, train was over half full. Used 10 trip ticket. This is now the latest train back to Philadelphia 30th Street Station, the midniht train is off the Amtrak schedule at the moment, I have no idea if they will bring it back.


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