Wednesday, November 09, 2005

David Gunn, Amtrak President + CEO, released by Amtrak’s board

Amtrak’s board today released David L. Gunn as President and CEO. The press release on Amtrak Board Releases Gunn.

How will this impact my Phi-NYC commute? Don't know. Ticket pricing has gone way up so the only thing worse would be if they shut down Amtrak. Since that is unlikely to happen I guess I could give a shit if they can this guy or any other executive at Amtrak.


  • I welcome the Amtrak Board of Director's decision to fire David Gunn. What this agency needs now is a true reform minded person who is willing to make the hard decisions necessary to be competitive. It is time to end the Federal subsidy of Amtrak and the only way to get there is by reevaluating the entire system as it is now. Firing the keepers of the status quo is a good first step.

    By Blogger Joseph Vranich, at 12:50 AM, November 10, 2005  

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