Friday, November 11, 2005

Was the Firing of David Gunn a Good or Bad Thing for Amtrak Commuters?

Looks like David Gunn was canned for not towing the Bush policy line. He openly disagreed with the NEC spin off idea pushed by the Bush administration, so they shot him. I still don't know how this impacts my Phi-NYC commute, if at all. I mean fares have gone up and they've cut some trains so it didn't get better for me under Gunn. But if Bush policy is to kill Amtrak, as some of these stories imply, then his firing could be bad for Amtrak commuters in general. Unfortunately I think only time will tell.

All A-Board
New York Sun Editorial
November 10, 2005

A Disgraceful Signal at Amtrak
NY Times
November 10, 2005

COMMENTARY: Thriving Amtrak Sustains Life-Threatening Blow with Firing of David Gunn
Huntington News Network
Nov 12, 2005


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