Friday, February 17, 2006

COMMUTE: January Wrap Up

Review of my Philly-NYC commuting patterns in January, a bit tardy this time:

Trains Taken In January
  • Morning trains taken: 130, 170, 180, 640, 642
  • Evening trains taken: 137, 175, 187, 193, 635, 655
Quick January Commute Stats
  • I took a total of 32 one way trips on Amtrak In January, a new monthly high for me.
  • I had a monthly pass for January ($633 - bought this before the fare increase).
On Time Performance and Analysis for January
  • 7 of the 32 one way trips were late; overall on time performance rate this month of nearly 80%
  • Only 2 of the evening trains were late, making this a consistent trend in that morning trains typically run late more often than evening trains.
  • Train #642 was late every time I took it, I took it 4 times in January.
  • Average travel time in the mornings: Generally the morning trains took just about 1 hour and 25 minutes, some did make it in under 1 hour 15 minutes. Trains may leave 30th Street late but once rolling the total travel time is fairly consistent. There was a train that took 1 hr 45 min; this is consistent where there is a train or two per month that is 30+ minutes late.
  • Average travel time in the evenings: Evening trains on average took about 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • Morning trains used to be shorter times on average, this is now evening out. It seems Amtrak is adding more stops on the morning trains as they have for evening trains.
  • Travel times in January seemed a couple minutes longer on average than from prior months. I believe this will be a permanent change as Amtrak adds a stop or two to most trains morning and evening. I haven't compared the most recent schedules to past ones to prove this but I believe I am correct.


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