Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Renting a Room in a House in NJ to Keep Commuting Costs Low

I decided to rent a room in a house in NJ that's easily accessible to NYC via NJT buses. I figure I'd stay there a couple nights a week during the work week instead of commuting. It's sort of like a hotel, separate entrance and private bathroom. The cost to do this is less than commuting back and forth from Philly-NYC. Plus the rate is negotiable, it's literally a room in someone's house, and it's all cash payments. In the NYC area it turns out to be quite common to rent out a room or sublet someone's place, just check out For me this seems hugely inconvenient, and just somewhat odd frankly, but I wanted to try something to keep my overall commuting costs to a minimum. I'll be sure to post how this goes for me.


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