Friday, January 11, 2008

Trenton Station to be Improved notes SEPTA Watch Blog

Came across a post in the SEPTA Watch Blog noting that New Jersey Transit would be renovating its Trenton station. The post quotes the New York Times article "New and Improved Stations Top List of Rail Projects to Benefit Riders":

The renovations will triple the size of the Trenton station and add about 6,600 square feet of retail space, said Richard R. Sarles, New Jersey Transit’s executive director. A main focus of the construction is to widen the overpass/concourse area where passengers wait, buy tickets and cross over the tracks to change trains, he said.

This is great as Trenton station was a real mess if you ask me. This station is part of the reason I do not like the SEPTA to NJT option to get to NYC. If this station is made to be more comfortable than this option becomes more palatable. I'm still high on Amtrak as it's the fastest most comfortable option to commute to NYC from Philly.

SEPTA Watch is a nice blog on public transit in the Philly metro area.


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