Monday, April 07, 2008

Pic of who owns the train tracks along the NEC

Ownership of tracks along the Northeast Corridor has never been totally clear to me. This picture helps a little bit:


The stretch of track from Philly to NYC is owned all by Amtrak. Any improvements to this stretch will have to be borne by Amtrak I'm assuming. So to get better times for those regular travelers between Philly and NYC; pull for federal subsidies so Amtrak can get on with track modernization efforts.


  • A graphic that shows this information, plus the commuter rail agencies paying fees to Amtrak along different sections of the Northeast Corridor, is on p.94 of this Government Accountability Office report.

    Some other interesting figures:
    p. 10: Amtrak route map indicating states currently providing financial support to Amtrak
    p. 39: Northeast Corridor vs. other Amtrak corridor on-time performance
    p. 126: Amtrak vs. airline market share for selected city pairs (NYC-Philly has the highest Amtrak share, not surprisingly)

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