Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Train delays between New York, Philly

Amtrak Northeast Corridor service between New York and Philadelphia has been affected by ongoing signal problems Wednesday in New Jersey, Amtrak said. The outage was caused by a downed tree that fell into the overhead wire system near Hamilton, New Jersey. As a result, Amtrak trains were moving at greatly reduced speeds, with some trains canceled due to associated congestion.

Trees fall and disrupt things, what can you do. It happened to me one time on my commute home from NYC, took me almost 5 hours to get back to Philly. It's odd that a tree would fall down now though, we've had no big storms this summer that would've uprooted a tree and Amtrak usually clears trees within 50 feet track. I'd like to know if the signal upgrades Amtrak wants to do along the NEC will minimize future signal problems, I hope so, bummer that a tree can cause massive delays along our most critical rail line.


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