Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amtrak proposes Northeast Corridor high-speed service; 38 minutes Philly to NYC

From "Amtrak officials today unveiled a vision for true high-speed service along the Northeast Corridor, with trains that could travel between Philadelphia and New York in 38 minutes."

"The proposed high-speed system would cost about $117 billion and take up to 30 years to complete, according to Amtrak's proposal. No specific plans were included on how to pay for the high-speed system. Amtrak officials hope to receive about $4.7 billion a year for 25 years to make their dream a reality."

38 minutes for a trip from Philly to NYC would be fabulous. That could make someones door to door commute time right at one hour if they live in CC and work in Midtown Manhattan. Great news for the commuters of 2040!


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