Thursday, October 07, 2010

NJ Gov. Christie to kill ARC tunnel project?

"NJ Gov. Chris Christie indicated that he is leaning toward pulling the plug on construction of a new $8.7 billion commuter rail tunnel into Manhattan (Access to the Region's Core, aka ARC), unless a revised federal cost estimate provides assurances that New Jersey can afford the project."

There's no indication one way or the other at this time if the project is dead. This tunnel will help out everyone who needs to get into Manhattan as adding train capacity will make train commuters happier, entice more people to take the train and hopefully help mitigate car traffic into Manhattan. I think this is a good project and necessary but if NJ is getting screwed on the costs then they have to do this review. Maybe he's posturing for more Fed dollars for the effort.


  • The current plan builds a tunnel that serves the needs of New jersey Transit, and no other users of the Northeast Corridor. It does not add much flexibility to the corridor, and puts those billions into a one-use effort.

    While I agree with you that he is posturing, I hope that he has realized a similar amount of money could produce a much more versatile asset that would benefit more people who would help to pay for its creation.

    By Blogger Ran Barton, at 12:10 PM, October 13, 2010  

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