Monday, December 20, 2010

Amtrak apologizes for 'communications breakdown' that led to 11-hour DC-NY trip

Amtrak officials apologized Sunday for a "communications breakdown" early Friday that made a signal failure and seven-hour delays on the Northeast corridor. Amtrak says problems started when a commercial power line fell on overhead wires at about 8:45 PM Thursday December 16th; this shut down the corridor's signaling system and all trains had to come to a halt. Train #188 was stuck on the tracks for 10 hours; a reporter named Stephen Tschida was on the train and tweeted about the ordeal. What a nightmare for those people, and I have not seen a formal response from Amtrak on this yet (checked Dec 20th) other than the quick Amtrak verbal comment. Breakdowns happen and I can forgive such events but this massive delay appears to show Amtrak has both a lack professionalism and competence. I need to see Amtrak to get in front of this, how about a passenger bill of rights? Amtrak is better than airlines and cheap bus services, they need to show it.


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