Sunday, August 03, 2008

No more direct Acela trains between New York and Philadelphia

It looks like Amtak dropped the direct Acela trains between NYC and Philadelphia. In the Amtrack Northeast Corridor 1 train schedule Effective May 12, 2008, there are no direct Acela options listed. The train numbers were 2105 in the morning and 2120 in the afternoon, these trains are not on this schedule. Amtrak started this direct Acela service last year as I posted prior on this blog in the summer of 2007. It did go the wrong way from Philly-NYC commuters but I thought this service was a good idea. I saw no word of this from Amtrak so it looks like they quietly dropped it. The service didn't even last a year it seems. I wonder what the load on these trains were, I'm assuming there was an economic reason for dropping the service. I like the idea of Amtrak of adjusting their schedules to meet demand and maximize profitability but dropping this service is unfortunate I feel. I was hoping to see a direct train option for the Philly-NYC commuter in the future, this would have shaved maybe 10 minutes off the trip one way. Not huge but an improvement and faster is always better when you're commuting.


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