Monday, November 03, 2008

New York Times AP Article: "A Renewed Focus on Passenger Trains"

An AP article in the NY Times titled "A Renewed Focus on Passenger Trains" notes that passenger trains are returning to prominence.

Highlights from the story:
  • "The high cost of fuel, along with traffic and airport congestion, is drawing travelers back to trains for commuting and for travel between cities as much as 500 miles apart."
  • "Californians are considering selling billions of dollars worth of bonds to start on an 800-mile system of bullet trains that could travel at 200 miles per hour, linking San Francisco and San Diego and the cities in between."
  • "Rail travel is gaining greater favor in Congress, which provides subsidies to keep Amtrak rolling. Lawmakers are trying to find ways to deal with high energy prices, congested and aging infrastructure, and an air traffic control system that relies largely on World War II-era technology."
Rail travel for business or commuting is a viable option for many people. Even a fairly minimal investment compared to highway, airline, or Wall Street bail out subsidies in our rail infrastructure will make it the most compelling option instead of just viable.


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