Monday, February 13, 2012

"Restore a Gateway to Dignity", NYT proposes moving MSG to make the best Penn Station

A New York Times article about addressing "the calamity that is Penn Station."

The Times makes a case that "the only way to fix Penn properly is to move Madison Square Garden." They suggest that the "Moynihan plan will eventually improve a few access routes to subways and commuter trains. But it will add no new tracks and have limited effect on the congestion and misery of Penn Station" and that the way to have the best Penn Station for commuters and the city is to move MSG.

Penn Station NYC is truly a horrid to experience as a commuter, a local, or as a tourist. I applaud the efforts to improve Penn Station for commuters as well as the city's benefit. I like seeing design and construction alternatives vetted but the city needs to keep the effort moving forward whatever the final design may be. Relocating MSG is a radical idea; it's not a bad idea but it would extend the whole process, so perhaps it can be considered for phase three or later.


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