Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"New York City Transit Strike Not Affecting Amtrak", so says

The following is a statement from

New York City Transit Strike Not Affecting Amtrak

"Trains Amtrak operations are currently unaffected by the New York City Transit strike and Amtrak trains are expected to operate normally to and from New York Penn Station. Passengers at Penn Station this afternoon and early evening are encouraged to give themselves a little extra time to board their trains, as commuters are taking advantage of extra Long Island Rail Road trains that are running to mitigate the strike’s impact, resulting in conditions that may be more crowded than normal in the station."

Personally, I'm avoiding NYC until the MTA strike is resolved.


  • I can certainly understand your decision to avoid NYC during the strike, but I have to say I was curious as to what your personal impressions of the strike's direct impact on Amtrak's passenger counts and operations were.

    By Blogger Rip, at 11:24 AM, December 22, 2005  

  • As was I actually. I really was interested in seeing how the city operated under the strike and what the impact on Amtrak passenger load in and out of Penn Station would be. But then I figured things would be generally pretty bad, and few of my coworkers could even get into the office, so best to stay away. Amtrak says things are normal but I find that hard to believe.

    By Blogger Guy in NYC, at 1:35 PM, December 22, 2005  

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