Sunday, February 12, 2006

2007 Amtrak Budget Stories

See my prior posting White House backs off wholesale Amtrak budget cut for some quick background on the budget. Generally Bush is backing down and continuing funding for Amtrak. Which overall is good for my commute as it will at least mean Amtrak will be running between NYC and Philly.

The following articles are some editorials on the budget, pros and cons.

Amtrak: Here we go again"
The Charleston Gazette
February 11, 2006

Fed's '07 Budget: Accountability Time at Amtrak
February 8 2006
Joseph Vranich (also see his blog at

Bush's Proposed Amtrak Subsidies Anger Those on Both Left and Right
By BRIAN McGUIRE - Staff Reporter of the Sun (
February 8, 2006

Off Track
New York Sun Editorial
February 10, 2006


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