Monday, December 17, 2007

Possible Amtrak strike delayed until January 31, 2008 at least

Amtrak union workers cannot go on strike until Januray 31, 2008 at the earliest. This is due to President Bush's action of creating a five-member "presidential emergency board" to investigate the labor dispute between the passenger railroad and employees who have been without a contract for nearly eight years.

The dispute centers on health-care, proposed work rules changes, and back pay to the start of 2000 when the last contract ended.

More info on this is available in the Philadelphia Inquirer article "Possible Amtrak strike is delayed" and The Kiplinger Letter story "A Post-Holiday Amtrak Strike Looms"

This gives Philly-NYC commuters (any NEC commuter really) a stay if you will. Can't tell what the chances of a strike are but Amtrak workers have never gone on strike, I'll keep posting on this subject as info comes up.


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