Saturday, October 27, 2007

Acela has near 20% jump in ridership

The Boston Globe website has an article by David Abel discussing the significant percentage increase in ridership on the Acela for fiscal year 2007. The Acela ridership increase is nearly 20% over fiscal year 2006. Amtrak attributes increase to gas prices and airport congestion.

In the fiscal year ending last month ridership on Acela was up nearly 20 percent over the previous year to 3.1 million passengers. Revenue was up 23 percent to $403.5 million. In fiscal 2007 Amtrak states Acela trains ran on time ~88 percent of the time, up ~3% from 2007. Amtrak also states that the NEC had the biggest increase in revenue, by 14 percent to more than $829 million.

This is great for Amtrak, we need them to be successful so they can expand their services. Will services expand to assist NEC Amtrak commuters like those from Philly to NYC? Unknown at this time but as they get more money I'm ocnfident they'll do more things to accomodate more riders.


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