Thursday, November 06, 2008

California voters approve $10B bond for bullet trains

AP report about Californians approving a plan to have high speed trains connect major metro areas in California. From the article:

"California voters are green-lighting the nation's most ambitious high-speed rail system, approving a nearly $10 billion bond to put speeding bullet trains capable of topping 200 mph between the state's major metropolitan areas."

"Backers sold the proposal as an innovative alternative to soaring airfares and gas prices. In the closing weeks of the campaign, they touted estimates that it would create nearly 160,000 construction-related jobs and 450,000 permanent jobs."

Amtrak NEC speed tops out at 125 MPH, but outside of the Philly-NYC range. With the Federal funding boost for Amtrak perhaps we'll see increased speeds all along the NEC. Good for commuters and travelers alike.


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