Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Senator wants to jumpstart Moynihan with stimulus

A Crain's New York article on Schumer's ideas to fund development of the new Moynihan Station (the NY Penn Station replacement). Some points from the article:
  • Senator Charles Schumer of New York says $100 million in federal money, plus some of the billions marked for train projects, could get the stalled station project rolling.
  • Schumer said $100 million should be tapped from the pot of funding for shovel-ready projects in the federal stimulus package, and that additional funds should be secured from the $8 billion in stimulus money set aside for high-speed rail and $1.2 billion for Amtrak.
Penn Station in NYC needs to go, it's a rat hole. I do hope some federal stimulus money goes to Moynihan Station to get this project going. A new station will make commuting along the NEC, and in to/out of NYC specifically, more efficient. If a new station gets done with federal dollars I'd feel like I would actually be gaining some benefit from all tha federal stimulus money as I use Penn Station fairly often. I don't have an AIG or a BofA account so I'm not feeling any of that federal stimulus scratch.


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