Monday, February 02, 2009

Acela Seeks To Lure Passengers From Airlines

Here's a Huffington Post item on the New York Times article "Acela Looks to Lure From the Skies and the Roads". Amtrak has a new ad campaign to get business travelers along the NEC to use Acela instead of flying. Amtrak has an offer of buying three round-trips and get the fourth free (must be a member of the Amtrak Guest Rewards frequent-traveler program, it's easy to become one).

Amtrak Acela is great for business travel and I'm happy Amtrak is promoting it. I never used it much for my commuting but anything that makes good money for Amtrak I'm happy for them to exploit as much as they can, keeps prices lower (one could assume) for the every day traveler.


  • That NYT article drives home an important point - the 20 Acela trainsets generate 27% of Amtrak's entire nationwide revenue. No wonder Amtrak seeks to build ridership there as much as possible.

    By Blogger Ran Barton, at 2:40 PM, February 06, 2009  

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