Monday, December 15, 2008

"Amtrak to seek high-speed train"

Article in The Washington Times noting that "congressional transportation leaders plan to announce today that the federal government is seeking contractors to build a new $30 billion to $40 billion high-speed rail line between Washington and New York that would be used exclusively by passenger trains". "The new rail line would carry passengers between Washington and New York in no more than two hours."  "A new rail line appears to be the kind of project supported by President-elect Barack Obama in his economic stimulus plan. The plan calls for heavy government investment in infrastructure projects, particularly if they are environmentally friendly."

This would be a major event as there really has not been a major upgrade in our rail infrastructure for a long time. I support this effort, this would be a major benefit to all cities and communities on the NEC and anyone who commutes regularly via rail. The article also says there are plans for high speed trains in several parts of the country, not just the NEC. Also good news. But will all this really happen? I think significant upgrades will happen but a train that would take two hours from DC to NYC, though pretty fabulous, I just cannot see becoming a reality even in the next 10 years.


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