Monday, December 08, 2008

Maura Moynihan to Obama: Build Moynihan Station!

Maura Moynihan, daughter of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, is pushing for the plan to build Moynihan Station (aka make a  new Penn Station out of the Farley Post Office)

The New York Observer quoted Maura Moynihan as saying:
"With a new president committed to building great projects to get the economy moving again and a new U.S. senator from New York to succeed our new secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, few things should make more sense than that they become champions of Moynihan Station."

President elect Obama has talked of funding large public works projects to boost the economy. I hope the Obama administration will fund Moynihan Station development as this will have great benefit for all NYC commuters. New York Governor Paterson has stated he wants to move forward on the project but his main issues are the lack of a main tenant for the Farley building and the possible cessation of platform time slots from the LIRR and New Jersey Transit to Amtrak.


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