Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A five point plan to fix the nation's transportation problems

The USA Today has an article today by David Grossman titled "A five point plan to fix the nation's transportation problems". Among other things it advocates expanding rail:

"Like many cities in Europe, we need high-speed rail networks connecting large metropolitan areas less than 500 miles apart. California voters recently approved a measure to construct a high-speed rail link that will connect San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than three hours. Amtrak's Northeast Corridor service continues to set ridership records, and while the Acela is speedy by U.S. standards, it falls far short of the fast trains in Europe and Japan."

I think Amtrak service will be expanded and improved over the next several years as part of a Federal economic stimulus package. Ironic I guess that it takes a tanking economy to get money to improve transit. Any NEC improvements will be a benefit for commuters so I am for it.


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