Monday, November 21, 2005

Amtrak related blogs

There are a lot of blogs talking about Amtrak in general and commuting on Amtrak. These sites are much more informative I've found than traditional media. They've all had a lot more activity as the politics of Amtrak is spoiking interest. Since I've started my commuteter blog I've dug up these pages. It didn't take much digging mind you but I think average folks will not come across these pages via casual Google searching. I wanted to share the blogs I commonly read:

1) Replacing Amtrak
This blog is by Joe Vranich, a former Amtrak employee there at the beginning in the early 70's. Joe also sent me an email, thanks for reading! Informative post on this blog:

2) Amtrak: Dan Zukowski: Commentary and coverage on Amtrak.

3) Empire Commuter
Interesting post on this blog:
4) Rip Track

5) iDude
Not sure if this blog will talk about Amtrak, but it did have the full transcript of this article from the The New Republic: Derailed: WHY WE SHOULDN'T EXPECT AMTRAK TO TURN A PROFIT.


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