Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amtrak Monthly Fares Going Up Oct 17, Smart Passes on Nov 16, Philly-NYC monthly to be about $1060

Got this email from Amtrak:

On October 17, Amtrak will initiate a national fare increase of between 5% and 7% or $1 to $3 for an average one-way coach fare. Over the last several months, fares have been adjusted on select trains, but a system-wide adjustment has not taken place since last October. All trains in the Northeast will be included except Acela Express.

Additionally, in the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak will continue to index its Smart Pass monthly fares at a 50% discount and, for ten-trip tickets, a 20% discount. The general fare increase will therefore require an increase to Smart Pass tickets. This discount level keeps Amtrak in compliance with the federal law prohibiting discounts larger than 50%. Over the last year, fares were increased twice on the Smart Pass monthly tickets in order to decrease the discount level from 70% to 50%.

The upcoming fare action will keep the discount level at 50%, which remains the largest discount offered among railroads serving commuters. In order to provide additional notice to commuters, the new Smart Pass fares will become effective November 16, a month later than the general increase.

There is never a good time to announce fare increases, especially to our most frequent passengers. The system-wide fare increase is necessary to continue to support Amtrak operations and meet current and anticipated expenses in the coming year.


Amtrak Marketing and Sales

So that means the monthly pass from Philly to NYC will go up from $1,008 now to anyehere between $1058 to $1080. Amtrak gave folks a months warning so that is decent of them. When Amtrak increased the montly pass fare in the past I'd usually buy a monthly for the next month or two ahead. I figured I was going to pay it anyway so buying some now would save me 5%. Good luck to everyone this affects.


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