Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New rail stations, tunnel to airport eyed for Philadelphia

Philly.com article: "Amtrak and city officials envision a new high-speed rail station on Market Street east of City Hall, linked by a 10-mile tunnel to Philadelphia International Airport, where a second new station would be built.  30th Street Station would become a hub for slower intercity trains and commuter service. Amtrak says a new high-speed rail alignment beneath Center City would allow bullet trains to avoid speed-killing curves and space limits near 30th Street Station, helping meet a goal of 37-minute train trips between Philadelphia and New York by 2040."

Mmmm. I love 30th Street Station and it is one of the most impressive train stations in the US. When I commuted to NYC from Philly 30th St Station was grand, spacious and comfortable which helped in dealing with a long daily commute (for the exact opposite feeling see NYC Penn Station). But a 37-minute train ride to get to NYC is worth some sacrifices so to make this happen I would be OK with 30th Station being relegated to a local hub.


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