Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Former Amtrak President David Gunn Still Hates Moynihan Station"

A New York Observer article by Stephen Jacob Smith notes how "Former Amtrak President David Gunn Still Hates Moynihan Station".

I like the plan to convert the Post Office/Farley Building to be Moynihan Station and replace Penn Station. David Gunn has some important points though about the drawbacks to the plan that the Observer clearly notes:

"From a transportation point of view it makes no sense." For passengers coming from the 1/2/3 trains, "what the Farley Building [Moynihan Station] does, is make you walk from Seventh Avenue all the way across Eighth Avenue. You'll have to go under the Eighth Avenue subway, then climb up to the [new] head house, which is to the west of Eighth Avenue, over towards Ninth Avenue."

Mr. Gunn noted that New Jersey Transit built a concourse that empties out on Seventh Avenue, reflecting its closer proximity to Manhattan's center of gravity and most of its north-south subway lines. One way to accommodate a head house at the old Farley Post Office would be to simply continue to allow passengers to board at the current station. "But [the real estate concerns] didn't want us to let people on at the old Penn Station, because I think the real estate developers had shops they wanted people to patronize at the [new] Farley [Moynihan Station] head house [that will replace Penn Station]"


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