Thursday, July 12, 2007

Northeast corridor can get a little faster, but not much

Significant speed improvements along the NEC are very unlikely it seems. So the travel durations we have now between major cities along the NEC are the way it will be for the forseeable future.

The article Amtrak: Northeast corridor can get a little faster, but not much notes it is impossible for trains along the NEC to maintain speeds of 125 to 150 mph with current infrastructure. This is due to the fact that Amtrak shares the NEC with numerous commuter lines and some freight carriers. 125 to 150 mph speeds, which could cut the trip from Washington to New York down to about an hour and a half , would require a dedicated line.

A dedicated line for high speed travel along the NEC would be nice. However travel times between Philadelphia and NYC is OK as it is now I feel so increasing train speed along the NEC, though good, likley would not benefit the Phi-NYC commuter much at all. Plus the new direct service from Philly to NYC will be a nice boost to the Philly-NYC commuting options, and this train will make total trip time even lower without an expensive track upgrade.

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  • Hi! Thanks for this excellent blog for fellow-commuters. I am a new commuter who has to commute on a regular basis from PHL to NYP (2-3 times a week). From your experience, what is the most time and cost-effective option (Would prefer less than 2 hours door-door commute one-way)? Also where can one find reliable sublet opportunities in NY area on a Mon-Wed basis per week?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:08 PM, July 17, 2007  

  • Sadly you'll have to make a decision between either time or cost as to what's most important to you. I commuted from Philly to NYC with Amtrak because it was the fastest option. It was also the most expensive by far. Septa to NJT is your next best bet but that's easy 2.5+ hours one way.

    For a less than 2 hour commute your only choice is Amtrak. 2-3 times a week is about what I did. Look at my 2005 Amtrak commute totals here:

    My 2005 total year cost was just over $6,000. Amtrak fares have gone way up since, nearly doubling. 10 trip tickets are $479 and monthly is $1079. I'd estimate your monthly Phi-NYC Amtrak commute cost to be near $1000/month. But don't get the monthly pass, that's a rip off I feel. Sometimes the conductors wouldn't punch my 10 trip ticket essentially giving me a free ride. And free rides add up to savings over the course of a year. Also enroll as an Amtrack Guest Rewards member, you get free tickets pretty quickly.

    For sublets in and around Manhattan is your best bet.

    By Blogger Guy in NYC, at 12:08 AM, July 19, 2007  

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