Saturday, October 27, 2007

Amtrak Ridership 25.8 Million, revenue $1.5 Billion in Fiscal Year 2007, Record Breaking Year reports Amtrak carried a record-high number of passengers as ridership and ticket revenue exceeded fiscal year 2006 figures.

During the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, Amtrak carried 25.85 million passengers, up 3.3 percent compared with last years 24.31 million. Amtrak also posted its highest-ever ticket revenue at $1.5 billion, an 11 percent increase compared with last years $1.37 billion with total fiscal year 2007 revenue at $2.2 billion.

Amtrak President and CEO Alex Kummant's prepared statement:
"Highway and airway congestion, volatile fuel prices, increasing environmental awareness and a need for transportation links between growing communities are some of the factors that make intercity passenger rail extremely relevant in today's world. Our record setting ridership and ticket revenue in FY 2007 indicate the stage is set for Amtrak to take on a role as not only a contributor to the nation's transportation network, but as a leader among modes."

Revenue growth was greatest in the NEC as I noted in a prior post on this blog "Acela has near 20% jump in ridership."


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