Friday, September 12, 2008

Amtrak infrastructure and Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act

A couple articles commenting on the investment in rail/Amtrak infrastructure along the Northeast Corridor. I hope these things happen, more capacity in the NEC and upgrading track and rail cars are all very good things for any NEC commuter.
Not sure what will happen with the effort to get another tunnel into NYC, $8 billion is a lot of money to make this project happen. That Editorial in the Princeton Packet notes that "the single tunnel that now links New York's Penn Station to points south and west was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1910. It long ago reached its capacity to handle both Amtrak and NJ Transit rail traffic, especially during peak commuting periods. The new, two-track tunnel would double rail capacity into and out of New York City, upgrading a system built in the early 20th century to meet 21st-century demand. It is long overdue."


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