Monday, September 15, 2008

NYC Moynihan Station Plan Subject to Governor David Paterson's Terms

The development of the new Penn Station in NYC has been an ongoing drama. Latest info on the deal: "New York Gov. David Paterson on Friday set his terms for spending state dollars on New York City's planned Moynihan Station, saying it must include new train tracks and platforms and be done in tandem with other projects, including a new Hudson River tunnel."

I would love for the proposal to turn the Farley Post Office into Penn Station to move forward. Penn Station is terrible and as a former regular commuter I can state that a new station is needed to make the experience more comfortable for commuters and more efficient for NYC to get more people into and out of NYC more quickly.


  • Had my first day of nyc-phila amtrak commuting today. All went well until the ticket-taker told me "10-pack" tickets were not accepted on that particular train (after I had already boarded). I had to wait 30 minutes for the next train. How is this possible? That's the appreciation Amtrak shows customers who literally hand over thousands of dollars each month! Very frustrating.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:50 PM, September 16, 2008  

  • That stinks, I never had that problem. Do you recall the train number? Was it an Acela train? 10 trip and Monthly's do not work on the Acela but I never had an issue on any other regional train. You can disagree with the conducotr too you know and say that he's wrong and refuse to get off the train. Make sure you're right of course.

    By Blogger Guy in NYC, at 4:06 PM, September 16, 2008  

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