Monday, December 08, 2008

Gas prices down but public transit ridership still up

There is a Philadelphia Business Journal article today titled "Gas prices down but public transit ridership still up".  I think this is interesting as you'd assume that public transportation ridership would go down as gas prices go down. Maybe this could become a permanent trend in the US. I think it would be great if the rate of public transit use increases faster than the rate of total number of miles driven. This is a "greener" way to travel and the Amtrak bill approved by Congress will make commuting along the NEC more efficient.

Some highlights from the article:
  • "Ridership on public transportation remained up in the third quarter in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and remained at record levels nationwide despite falling gasoline prices, the American Public Transportation Association announced Monday."
  • "Ridership on Amtrak's Keystone Line, which provides 90-minute service between Harrisburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia and a direct connection to New York City, also rose by 21.65 percent for the quarter and has experienced an increase of 18.88 percent year-to date."


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