Amtrak Tracking for My Commute Between New York City and Philadelphia

Monday, August 18, 2014

Amtrak 'Multi-Ride' 2014 Costs - Amtrak Commuter Pass / Monthly Pass for the Philly-NYC Commuter.

2014 pricing and details for the Amtrak 'Multi-Ride' option are below. The Amtrak 'Multi-Ride Ticket' is the best option for anyone considering commuting or currently commuting between 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and Penn Station New York City-Manhattan on Amtrak. Financially it's the best Amtrak deal for the regular PHL-NYC commuter, and it is the most convenient since you don't have to buy an individual ticket for each train. You can just hop on nearly any train you want.

From the Amtrak site: "Multi-Ride Tickets, which allow you to ride multiple times within a set amount of time, are available in monthly, ten-ride, six-ride and two-ride options. Multi-Ride Tickets are not accepted on all routes. Read the Multi-Ride Tickets terms and conditions for travel, reservation and ticket requirements."

These prices I got today from the site and are between stations PHL and NYP:
$1,350.00 One Monthly Ticket The monthly ticket is valid for unlimited travel for an entire calendar month.

$600.00 One Ten-Ride Ticket The ten-ride ticket is valid for ten rides within a 45-day period.

In June 2011 the costs were $1,260.00 and $560.00 respectively. That's less than a 10% increase over three years. Amtrak ridership keeps increasing, if people are willing to pay, then prices will continue to increase.

You cannot take any Acela trains with these passes, but you can take most Northeast Regional trains. Click here to see what trains you can take with the Monthly Ticket or Ten-Ride Ticket.

Click here for more info on the Amtrak website about Multi-Ride tickets.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CBS: "Christie On The Defensive As Commuters Gripe About Mass Transit Delays"

CBS story about "Christie On The Defensive As Commuters Gripe About Mass Transit Delays" due to his cancellation of ARC (Access to the Region's Core), a project that would have created a new tunnel under the Hudson River for trains and helped improve train service into and out of Manhattan (Christie killed ARC in 2010).