Wednesday, November 30, 2005

COMMUTE: November Wrap Up

A review of my Philly-NYC commuting patterns in November:

Trains Taken
  • Morning trains taken: 130 (took this only once), 642
  • Evening trains taken: 137, 175, 177, 635, 655
Quick Commute Stats
  • I took a total of 20 one way trips on Amtrak In November.
  • I bought a 10 trip ticket good from November through mid December ($394 - bought this before the fare increase).
  • I cashed in Amtrak Guest Rewards tickets for 9 tickets in November; 22,500 points total.
  • I'll do a commuting cost analysis at the end of December. My plan is to achieve my commute for Nov and Dec by cashing in AGR points and the purchase of a single 10 trip ticket. So far I'm on track to make this.
On Time Performance and Analysis
  • On time performance was literally zero on all the morning trains I took. On time performance was pretty good on the evening trains however. There's something up with train #642 in the morning out of 30th Street, it always pulls out like exactly 30 minutes late. I haven't found out why this is the case but I'm determined to find out why.
  • Average travel time in the mornings: Generally the morning trains took just under 1 hour and 20 minutes, some did make it in under 1 hour 15 minutes. Trains may leave 30th Street late but once rolling the total travel time is fairly consistent. There were a couple cases where it took nearly 1 hr 30 min; but a couple times a month I can deal with.
  • Average travel time in the evenings: Evening trains on average took around 1 hour and 25 minutes. I do take trains that stop variously at Liberty Airport, Metropark, Cornwells Heights, and North Philly - more stops when compared to the morning trains, which means longer travel times.


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