Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bush OK's 2006 Amtrak Budget - This is Good for Philly to NYC Commuters

Bush, in reversal, clears $1.3B in aid to Amtrak
Thursday December 1, 2005

On November 30 Bush allocated money to keep Amtrak running through 2006.

"After vowing to eliminate all subsidies for Amtrak, President Bush signed legislation yesterday that will provide the financially ailing passenger railroad with $1.3 billion in federal aid for next year."

This appears to be good news for those relying on Amtrak to get to NYC from Philadelphia. The agreement does require Amtrak to achieve savings by increasing its operational efficiency, changes to food and beverage services and first class service. This may impact service (no food, no biz/first class) between Philadelphia and New York but I believe it will be minor changes. They may cut the number of trains that run between the cities in a given day, but I would guess maybe they'd cut one or two that do not run during rush hour. Again this would likely be a minor impact to the Philly-NYC commuter.


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